Capital Homestead Act: A Plan for 2012

By: Larry Walker Jr.

“For a binary solution needed to restore free markets, private property and limited government, why not focus on getting political leaders to pass a Capital Homestead Act by 2012, the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s Homestead Act?” – Norm Kurland

We have to cast down this insidious idea that a socialist (anti-free market) system is best, lest there be no free market left with which to institute Capital Homesteading. It is clear from the policies being implemented by the current administration, that Mr. Obama will not be our ally. We must work to defeat these anti-free market ideals in the 2010 and 2012 elections. And we will defeat them, one brick at a time.

But what do conservatives have to offer? There is a solution for saving Social Security and Medicare, for eliminating payroll taxes, and which will help all Americans to be able to provide for themselves. It’s called the Capital Homestead Act.


The Capital Homestead Act is a comprehensive national economic strategy for empowering every American citizen, including the poorest of the poor, with the means to acquire, control and enjoy the fruits of productive corporate assets.

This long-range agenda involves major restructuring of our tax system and our Federal Reserve policies to lift unjust artificial barriers to more equitable distribution of future corporate capital and faster growth rates of private sector investment. It would shift primary national income maintenance policies from inflationary wage and unproductive income redistribution expedients to market-based ownership sharing and dividend incomes.

The Capital Homestead Act’s central focus is the democratization of capital (productive) credit. By universalizing citizen access to direct capital ownership through access to interest-free productive credit, it would close the power and opportunity gap between today’s haves and have-nots, without taking away property from today’s owners.

The Goals of the Capital Homestead Act

As summarized below, the Capital Homestead Act is designed to:

  1. Generate millions of new private sector jobs by lifting ownership-concentrating Federal Reserve credit barriers in order to accelerate private sector growth linked to expanded ownership opportunities, at a zero rate of inflation.

  2. Radically overhaul and simplify the Federal tax system to eliminate budget deficits and ownership-concentrating tax barriers through a single rate tax on all individual incomes from all sources above basic subsistence levels. Its tax reforms would:

    • eliminate payroll taxes on working Americans and their employers;

    • integrate corporate and personal income taxes; and

    • exempt from taxation the basic incomes of all citizens up to a level that allows them to meet their own subsistence needs and living expenses, while providing “safety net” vouchers for the poor.

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