Obama’s Conniption

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Time for Obama to Go

by: Larry Walker

Why are so many people trying to tell Barack Obama what to do? And why does he keep adapting his leadership stance toward what talking heads are saying? Well, If you’ll step back for a minute and observe, you will see that the answer is simple. Obama doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t know how to speak to people. He doesn’t know how to be a leader. He doesn’t know how to handle a crisis. And no matter how hard you try to prod this loser onto the right path, he will never get it. It’s too late. School is over. Time to go.

The fact that the nation is polarized, confused and consumed with anger should tell you that something isn’t right. A leader sets the tone in any organization. Obama has set a tone of confusion, deceit, misrepresentation, incrimination, talking at, shouting, and now cursing. So the tone of the nation has followed suit. It’s coming right back at you.

The problem is that Obama is not a leader and should never have been elected to one of the most important leadership posts in the world. He’s weak and unqualified. He’s just plain incompetent. I’m not saying that he’s a bad guy or anything. I mean, I wouldn’t hang out with him or any or his friends, but my point is that he’s not a leader.

What has Obama ever accomplished in his life? He sucked as a community organizer, a State senator, and as a US Senator. The only thing that he ever accomplished in his life, before being pushed into a presidential campaign, was that he wrote an autobiography. That’s it! He wrote a book, or at least put his name on one. And it was a book of half-truths regarding his search for an identity. It is apparent today, that he still has a way to go on that search.

For the good of the country, Obama’s reign of confusion needs to be shattered; trampled, by any means necessary, and sooner rather than later. Subjugate him. Bankrupt him. Impeach him. Whatever it takes to get our nation back on the right track. Else, the path that we’re on, as influenced by Obama, will lead to disaster upon disaster.

I’m sorry to say it, but that’s what happens to weak, unqualified impostors. They get undermined, double-crossed, compacted, squelched, spoiled, impeached or otherwise stripped-down. That’s what will happen to Obama. Obama doesn’t belong in that office. He has disgraced the office of the President of the United States. He has disgraced the United States of America. He has disgraced Black Americans.

It’s his choice. He can either resign, or be resigned, but Obama must go.

Go back to Kenya….Go back to Indonesia….Go to Sheol.

….My Passion.