The DC Black List

This is a list of the top four politicians on the list for impeachment or removal from office, and some of the reasons. There are many more reasons for removing these four from office, so feel free to add to the list. There are also many more politicians who should be removed, in fact, most of Washington DC should be purged.

Nancy Pelosi

  1. Snubbed Republicans during the passage of the Bailout Bill. She openly blamed President Bush for the financial crisis. Everyone knows that the financial crisis has roots going back to the 1970’s so to pass the blame solely on Bush was not only untrue, but unfair.
  2. Rammed the Stimulus Bill through without allowing anyone time to read it.
  3. Lied about her knowledge of the CIA’s enhanced interrogation practices, and stated that the CIA misled Congress for the past seven years.

Barney Frank

  1. For his role in the botched oversight of Fannie Mae. Frank stated that there was no problem with Fannie Mae and that everything was just fine in the mortgage industry.
  2. About to authorize the funding of $8 billion to Acorn. When questioned, Frank simply states that President Bush gave Acorn $14 million over 8 years so Acorn must be a good organization.
  3. Ran a male prostitution ring from his DC apartment in 1989, was busted, but the Congress let him off the hook because he was deemed just a harmless weird gay guy.

Joe Biden

  1. Has added nothing to decision-making regarding foreign policy (his alleged specialty), or in any area.
  2. Spilled national security secrets. He is a joke and a laughing stock. They are not gaffs, but rather the remarks of an incompetent, insensitive, and ignorant man.
  3. When something happens to Obama, Biden will not be capable of leading this country.

Barack Obama II

  1. Still hiding his original birth certificate and his college transcripts from the public. Circumstantial evidence proves that Obama probably got into college as a foreign student and received foreign aid just like his father.
  2. Not a Natural Born Citizen by virtue of his father’s nationality at the time of his birth. Obama was born with dual citizenship. Article II, Section I of the US Constitution states that only a Natural Born Citizen can occupy the office of the Presidency.
  3. Dismantled the US auto industry, violated the rights of secured creditors, quadrupled the National Debt in only 4 months, and threatens to bankrupt the United States.

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