Obama: Ready to Go!

Most American’s were ready for Obama to go before his term started. Now after nine month’s in office, the first affirmative action POTUS declares that he is ‘ready to go’. I don’t know where he’s planning to go, but I suspect that it’s not anywhere that the rest of America would care to venture. Let’s review Obama’s performance as CEO of the United States.

According to the Associated Press, the Federal Budget deficit has surged to an all-time high of $1.42 trillion as tax revenues plunged while the Obama Administration was spending massive amounts on the way to its undeclared destination. The Obama Administration has projected that its deficits will total $9.1 trillion over the next decade.

For 2009, the Government collected $2.10 trillion in revenues, a 16.6% drop from 2008. That was the largest percentage decline in records going back nearly seven decades. Meanwhile, Government spending last year jumped to $3.52 trillion, up 18.2% over 2008, the biggest percentage increase since a 23.4% jump in 1975.

In the private sector, a CEO with such a record would not be able to weasel his way out of being fired through clever rhetoric. In fact, a search committee would be formed, with haste, to locate a new CEO who specializes in turnarounds. If Obama were not the current POTUS, it is highly doubtful that a man with his lack of experience and qualifications would be sought for the job.

The Review

Let me get this straight, Obama, you lost $1.42 trillion in your first nine months. You generated revenues of just $2.10 trillion, while you spent $3.52 trillion? And your plan is to lose another $7.68 trillion for a total of $9.1 trillion over the next ten years? And now you say, “I’m fired up and ready to go?” Well, you can go alright. You can go right now. In fact, YOU’RE FIRED!

You know, there is a Constitutional provision whereby a POTUS may be forced to leave office before his term ends. It’s called impeachment. Don’t rule it out. By the way, this isn’t personal, it’s business.



2 thoughts on “Obama: Ready to Go!

  1. Larry ,.. I could not agree with you MORE. (Thomas More, that is)
    “Throw The Bums Out”
    And let us replace them with 'Justice-Based Leaders'

    Thats 'righteous'-Based Leaders, for my southern friend.

    Yours in Justice

    Guy C.


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