Obama’s Illogical Health Care Act

Random Thoughts from an Independent Fiscal Conservative

  1. If the insurance industry does away with preexisting conditions, then health insurance costs will go down. Yeah, unless those people really get sick, and then health insurance costs will skyrocket.
  2. If younger workers who don’t want health insurance are forced to buy it, then health insurance costs will go down. Except, of course, for those who don’t pay for health insurance now.
  3. If everyone had health insurance then the quality of care would improve? Unless, of course, we don’t address the quality of health care.
  4. If we had passed Obamacare the Federal government’s monthly budget deficit would have only been $210 billion instead of $220 billion, in February. What a noble achievement. And what about the other $210 billion? Do we perhaps have bigger fish to fry?
  5. If 30 million people who can’t afford to pay one extra dime for health insurance are forced to buy it, then health insurance costs will go down. Except for those individuals who were not paying and now have to pay, and the rest of the population who will have to make up the difference.
  6. We got the Stimulus wrong, but we will get health care right. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
  7. The reason health insurance costs are rising is because of publicly traded, and (mostly) non-profit health insurance companies greed. Of course it couldn’t be related to the fact that Medicare and Medicaid undercut payments to doctors and hospitals, which makes insurance costs rise for the privately insured.
  8. Nobody complains about Medicare. And why would they? I mean it’s practically free, it’s completely insolvent, and it’s the cause of most of our national debt.
  9. We must pass Obamacare by March 18th. A more noble goal would be to draft a final bill first, then get public feedback, discuss it, debate it, and then vote. Is this deja vu?
  10. The American people want Obamacare to pass. No. The American people want Congress to start over and to calmly and rationally pinpoint the more pressing problems of the day, and to address those with logical and coherent solutions. Solutions that everyone would agree upon. In reality, there are only a few purple shirts out there who are being paid $15 per hour to act like they want it passed. The rest of us (unpaid and under appreciated) are willing to wait for the next Congress and the next president. Hopefully, a president who’s not all tanked up on Nicorette gum. And preferably a Congress who is less concerned with bribes and racketeering, and more concerned with facing facts with logical, non-political solutions.

End of Random Thoughts………

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