Who Obama Fears


Sanity – You want a different result? Try something different.

By: Larry Walker, Jr.

I hear that Obama thinks that voters are afraid. Afraid of what? This mug on the left? Ha Ha! Not.

I’m not afraid Mr. Obama. I’m a little bit sick and tired of seeing your face and hearing your disingenuous rhetoric, but I’m not afraid. I’m pissed off that while I’ve been working, starting and growing a business, and trusting that folks in Washington were doing their jobs, I came to find out they were not.

Anyone foolish enough to think that the financial crisis, the entitlement crisis, the national debt crisis, and most of our others problems started ten years ago, must have either been born then, or is under 20 years old (too young to know). Come on, our problems started ten years ago? That’s a straight up lie. A big chunk of the problem lies in the folks below, the ones Obama fears.

The Problem


  1. Barbara Boxer – Congress 10 years, Senate 18 years = 28 years
  2. Harry Reid – Congress 4 years, Senate 24 years = 28 years
  3. Nancy Pelosi – Congress 24 years
  4. Barney Frank – Congress 30 years

It’s naive to say that Bush and the Republicans caused all of our problems, since Bush was only in office for 8 years, while Boxer, Reid, Pelosi, and Frank have all been in Congress for over 20 years. And what have they done? Here’s the short list – They ran up the national debt, exploded entitlement spending, crashed the financial markets, brought on the recession (no Harry Reid didn’t do it alone), left us vulnerable on 9/11/2001, got us into a war – then reneged, and enriched themselves at taxpayers expense.

The Solution

The only way Obama will achieve any semblance of success is for us voters to remove these slackers and replace them with folks who want the same things that Obama wants. And what was it that Obama said he wanted? A balanced budget, real health care reform (not the present disaster), a strong economy, jobs, transparency, and bipartisanship – to name a few. Well, Democrats controlled both houses and couldn’t get the job done. They couldn’t agree among themselves on anything other than blaming Republicans for their own failures. So we’re going to do you a favor. We’re going to remove most of them from power, but especially these four. This is your opportunity to practice true bipartisanship. If you want Obama to succeed you’ll get aboard.

Voters are afraid? Come on. Get honest. Obama is afraid. He’s only been in D.C. for 6 years at best. Obama isn’t running anything, he’s just taking orders from the above. He’s also afraid that people will really start holding him to his promises, and these four have done nothing but stand between him and his true potential.

Sorry but time’s up. It’s up to us. That’s the deal. Voters will be doing Obama a favor by running these bums out of power.


U.S. Constitution – Article 1 Section 7 : “All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.”

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