MythBuster: Has Obama Created More Jobs Than Bush?


Rational or Ridiculous

by: Larry Walker, Jr.

So the latest spin by the left-wing media and the White House is to repeat the following mantra, “Obama created more jobs in 2010 than Bush did in eight years.” However, how much sense does it make to compare an arbitrary nine-month period for Obama to a full eight-year term? Well none, none at all, at least not within the realm of rational human thought. For those of us who are rationally-minded, we will begin with the month that Obama took office, and compare his full term to-date with whomever.

Turning to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), when we added up the total number of private sector jobs created during Obama’s short twenty one month tenure, we found that a total of 2,991,000 jobs had been lost (110,961,000 – 107,970,000). Oops!

Private Sector Jobs 2009/2010

Total Private Sector Employment (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Private Sector Job Growth (Loss)


Although I too could cherry-pick and find periods where private sector job growth was up by 4 or 5 million under Bush, I choose to remain among the rational. Needless to say, private sector job growth was at least slightly positive over Bush’s eight-year term, while under Obama, the words – worst track record in history – come to mind.

Is there no shame?

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3 thoughts on “MythBuster: Has Obama Created More Jobs Than Bush?

  1. Yes the claim does not appear to be supported. However, if you look at the BLS listing of mass layoffs ( you can see a definite trend starting in Q4 of 2008 where mass layoffs started to double, almost triple. So yes, President Obama has “presided” over the astonishing job losses precipitated during the Bush administration. The amazing part is that initial claims for unemployment have dropped almost to what was pretty much the average during the earlier Bush years. Attributing 2,991,000 lost jobs to Obama is scarcely realistic given the 3-5 year range of business cycles.


  2. The myth was that Obama created more jobs in 2010 than Bush did in his full eight-year, dual-recession term. Since Obama has not created a single net-job, in his first 2 years, the claim, as you say, “does not appear to be supported”. Busted. End of story.


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