Obamacare: The 2nd Decade (Fiction)

A Fictional Account –

by: Larry Walker, Jr. –

We are now in the 2nd decade after the passage of what many Americans deemed to be comprehensive health care reform, Obamacare. The creator of Obamacare, Barack Hussein Obama, died shortly after it’s passage in the year 2010 of unknown causes. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have long since passed. All of the Congressional leaders from the year 2010 are now deceased.

Obamacare did not work out as promised. From the moment it was signed into law it increased the U.S. budget deficits each and every month. Medicare and Social Security became insolvent in the year 2012. All of the surpluses in these programs were borrowed and spent on Obamacare. Millions of Americans lost their health insurance as soon as the bill was passed. Nearly 50% of private practitioners closed their practices almost immediately.

Through the law of supply and demand, with the increased demand for medical services and the lower supply of practitioners, health care costs skyrocketed. Health insurance premiums increased by 100% on average each year until no one in the country could afford it. Income and excise taxes, fines and fees were imposed, but people were unable to pay these levies and their living expenses. Unemployment continued to rise as employers, being overburdened with taxes and regulations began to fail.

The national debt had actually reached the point of no return just before the passage of Obamacare, but only a handful of people knew it at the time. The only way for the government to reverse the negative effects of this erroneous legislation was to print more money. As the Federal Reserve began to print money in 2011, the rate of inflation went off the charts. Inflation reached 17% by the year 2012. The cost of gasoline soared to $10 per gallon in 2012. States began to declare bankruptcy and the most fiscally sound States began to acquire the weaker ones.

The Republic of Texas now consists of the entire southern half of the old United States, stretching from Southern California to Virginia. The old United States now consists of only a few states in the Northeast. The others declared themselves to be sovereign republics in the year 2013. The Republic of Texas seceded from the Union in the year 2013. This time there was no civil war, and the issue was not slavery.

The city of Washington, DC was destroyed in the year 2013 by a nuclear missile attack launched by Iran. No one came to the rescue. No one cared. The blight had been removed. The culprits were dead. The problem had been solved.

Now I tell the story from the year 2030. I am one of the survivors. I saw it coming. I tried to warn others. Most wouldn’t listen. They believed that big government was the solution. They relied upon government entitlements for their health and well being. Now they are simply wards of the old country, for all practical purposes, slaves. The United States of America is no more. And it all came to a crashing halt, in the year 2010.

See the Factual Account at: Final: Obamacare | The Macro View

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